Our uniform promotes a sense of pride in being part of our community and fosters a sense of belonging. We have worked hard to ensure that our uniform is practical, flexible and affordable for our families and will continue to consider matters of affordability when making changes or adjustments to our uniform requirements.

One key element of Ansford as a learning community is the way that each child is encouraged to grow and develop as an individual so that they are supported to become the best version of themselves that they can. Our uniform is designed to allow our students to express themselves as individuals while clearly signalling to the world that they are a member of our community. The Uniform Expectations, as detailed in the link below, allow students elements of flexibility and choice in a number of areas. For example, students can choose:

  • whether to wear trousers, skirts or shorts;  
  • from a range of approved styles of skirt;  
  • whether to wear a jumper, cardigan or sleeveless jumper and from a selection of colours;  
  • from a selection of tie colours and patterns.

In addition, there are only a small number of items that are both branded and required enabling families to purchase a significant proportion of uniform from High Street retailers, if preferred.

Uniform Requirements

More details can be found in our Uniform Policy which can be accessed via the policies tab.


Where to Purchase Ansford Academy Uniform

All items can be purchased from our online store Directschoolwear (directschoolwear.co.uk). All non-logo items can be purchased either through the Direct Schoolwear website or any other retailer that provides school clothing in the approved colours and styles. 

The Academy ‘approved’ styles of skirts, trousers and shorts are shown on the Direct Schoolwear website. Any items purchased from alternative suppliers must be the same colour and shade as those available from our recommended supplier and must meet the requirements of the Academy’s Dress Code. 

  • How to Order:
  • Log on to the Directschoolwear website
  • Click on the ‘Find My School’ icon
  • Click on Ansford Academy
  • Add the required products to your basket and checkout
  • Pay online either by using Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, or call Direct Schoolwear to make a phone payment. 

Ties are also available to purchase from the Academy Office.

All Physical Education kit with the Ansford Academy Badged Logo can be purchased from RAM Sports, 20 High Street, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9JF Tel: 01963 31779. 

Second-hand uniform can be obtained from Reception and via the Ansford Academy Second Hand Uniform Shop on Uniformerly where purchases will be paid for online via PayPal or by cash in person.