At Ansford, we are passionate about developing our students into confident leaders ensuring they are developing essential employability skills and life experiences.

We know that when young people are given the opportunity, they can have a profound impact within their school and wider community. In recent times, we have developed a number of new roles to ensure students of all ages have the chance to apply for positions and play an active part in life at Ansford.

Many of our student leadership roles involve working with Senior Leaders, helping to shape future decisions. Other roles involve becoming an ambassador for a subject or training to support peers across the Academy.

All of our leadership positions aim to:

  • Empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.
  • Enable creativity to flourish as the school community benefits from the wealth of experiences, ideas, skills and sense of fun that students bring.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff at Ansford Academy.
  • Prepare students for Further and Higher Education.
  • Develop essential employability skills enabling our young people to secure aspirational roles at an earlier age.

Student Council

Every tutor group will elect two members to represent their views, opinions and ideas at the student council meetings which are chaired by the Head Student and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Student Council is instrumental in helping to shape change within the school and support the wider school improvement priorities. Representatives learn how to present alternative ideas, use data to inform decisions and lead healthy debates to ensure outcomes are well balanced and considered.

Student Leadership Team

Year 10 students can apply for the role of Student Leaders and take their place on the Student Leadership Team. Applicants complete a formal selection process which includes a written application form and an interview panel. The shortlisted candidates are discussed at Senior Leadership level.

The team holds a range of responsibilities and duties and also supports positive behaviour around the school. They will need to act as positive role models in their everyday interactions at Ansford Academy.

Student Leaders are presented with a bespoke white and black tie and receive a personal letter of thanks from the Headteacher at the end of the year, supporting their C.V and future applications.

Head Students

All students who have gained a position on the Student Leadership Team can choose to apply for the role of Head Student. Applicants complete a rigorous selection process which includes a letter of interest detailing their personal skills, qualities and experience, followed by a presentation on a chosen topic and interview panel chaired by the Headteacher.

The Head Students work together to coordinate the Student Leadership Team, Student Council and Student Transition Services whilst also functioning as the highest representatives of the student body.

Subject Leaders

Year 10 students can apply for the role of Subject Leaders. This exciting role allows our young people to work alongside our Heads of Faculty to showcase and promote the subject they are passionate about.

Many of our Subject Leaders run weekly events such as mentoring and tutoring younger students, or are assigned duties helping to manage operational tasks such as setting up areas or maintaining resources.

Subject Leaders also play a vital role in key public events such as open evening, helping to meet and greet prospective families and leading engagement activities.

Bus Leaders

A significant percentage of our students travel to and from school using buses. Our Bus Leaders play an important role in ensuring that pupil conduct is safe, seating arrangements are managed appropriately and students know when their buses are leaving.

This role is widely respected by staff and prospective parents who may be anxious about their child travelling to school on a bus for the first time.

Representatives also help to communicate how and why decisions are made across the Academy by presenting in assemblies, tutor groups and by contributing to the Student Bulletin.

Year 10 Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentoring Programme offers a highly valuable service to our wider student body, who may, at times, benefit from the listening ear and compassion of a peer.

Our mentors receive training and develop their skill set enabling them to not only form and establish relationships but begin to create strategies which often improve the outcomes of our young people.

This role provides excellent opportunities for our leaders to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.

Year 9 Tour Guides

Our academy is a busy environment and we are proud to welcome guests, candidates and prospective families on site. Our guides are trained to lead tours of varying lengths to meet the needs of the occasions.

Tour guides are often presented with challenging questions, which are encouraged, and are expected to respond formally and professionally, acting as role models for their school.

Our tour guides also play a crucial role at our larger public events such as Transition Days and Open Evening.

Year 7 Ambassadors

Our fantastic team of ambassadors play a crucial role in supporting our key primary transition events during the year. We are proud to take students back to their primary school to serve as role models and share their experiences of their first year at Ansford.

During these visits, our ambassadors are helping to foster a sense of community, centred around our school wide values of aspiration, respect and engagement.