We are always excited to welcome our new students to Ansford but understand that this can be as equally exciting and daunting for students and families.

To help with this process, the Academy works closely with our primary schools and for most students joining us from local schools, they will have already visited the Academy for a range of opportunities including sports tournaments and festivals.  All year six applicants are invited to come to a transition day before starting, with some groups of students visiting us a number of times to help settle in.

Ms Fran Hirst (Head of Transition) and Ms Tracie Walsh (Head of Year 7 and Year 8) make visits to all Year Six children in their primary schools and to speak with each of their teachers to find out more about them individually; what subjects they enjoy, who they work well with etc.

Year Six students receive a transition booklet with all the information they need. Families and students are all invited to an evening meeting to hear form the staff team and have an opportunity to meet their Tutors and other key staff.

All these transition events are supported by our fantastic student leaders who are always proud to show off their school and to show how friendly we are.