Caterlink are Ansford Academy’s caterer of choice and are specialist caterers in the education sector. Caterlink has implemented a Fresh Food Policy which sets out expectations and minimum requirements to meet the daily nutritional needs of the students and staff.

The menus are nutritionally balanced, full of local flavours and tailored to suit Ansford Academy’s student preferences. Buying fresh, locally sourced products enables the delivery of a fantastic, high-quality food service but also helps to deliver great value and sustain the local supply chain, reduce energy usage and transportation costs.

The menu rotates each week and term to ensure students have the opportunity to try new foods.

See our Spring Summer Menu here!

Should you have any queries about the meals the academy provides to students please contact our catering manager on [email protected]

Free School Meals

Students eligible for Free School Meals have the allowance of £2.30 per day added onto their account each day.  The Free School Meal Allowance is not visible to parents and carers in the child’s account, but is added each day.

The Free School Meal Allowance may be spent at break time or lunch time. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the ‘meal deal’ which allows them a main course and pudding for this amount. Students are encouraged not to spend the allowance on drinks, as water is freely available in school via the refilling station. Please note that any unspent balance will not roll forward onto the next day.

If a student spends more than £2.30 per day, they will need to top-up with a payment (via the Gateway or at the cash machine in the hall).

Special Dietary Requirements

If you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement, please let the Academy and Caterlink know.

We use a wide range of ingredients with many of our products containing various allergens. As such there may be traces of various allergens present across our product range.

Customers who are intolerant or allergic to certain ingredients are advised to request further information from the Manager prior to purchase.

Our trained Allergy Champion will be pleased to tell you what’s in our food, the steps we take to avoid cross-contamination and help assist you with your choice.

If you think you might be entitled to Free School Meals please follow this link.