At Ansford, we are committing to creating a great place to learn, work and grow. Our motto, learning together to lead our lives, reflects our belief in equipping individuals with the skills to make a success of their lives – to secure useful and rewarding work, make and sustain good relationships and contribute positively to local and global communities.

Our focus at Ansford Academy – for students, teachers, associate staff and families – is on learning how to be the best we can be. We seek to achieve this through:

  • Unlocking potential and securing futures
  • Laying the foundations for lifelong learning
  • Forming and maintaining quality relationships

Our core values include:

Promoting aspiration through providing challenge and opportunity – Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners, igniting the fire of curiosity and offering the experiences and accreditation needed to unlock doors to the future.

Promoting creativity, initiative and endeavour – Through high expectations, a wide range of opportunities and a strong community ethos, we have created an academy that enables our students to be themselves and to thrive.

Building self-reliance by supporting students to develop resilience and responsibility – We believe it is important that our students leave us as self-reliant and resilient individuals who are able to deal with the challenges they will face in the next stage of their lives.

Understanding trust, empathy and belonging – Through fostering a strong sense of community, while also recognising the unique value of each individual, we strive to create a climate in which all students feel that they belong and are comfortable to be themselves.