At Ansford, we value everyone as an individual, capable of growth, change and development.

All members of our school community, students and staff, have the right to feel safe, secure so that they can learn and work effectively. We believe that high standards of behaviour enable students to make the best possible progress in all aspects of their school life.

The Academy uses Class Charts, a programme that is used to award positive points to students to recognise their achievements and contribution as part of the community.  It is also used to log negative behaviours. Families have access to this system so that they can monitor their child’s conduct.

Positive Behaviour Management

Our approach is centered around Positive Behaviour Management, achieved by:

  • Creating and maintaining a stimulating environment that encourages student engagement
  • Reinforcing the expectations of behaviour
  • Developing a positive relationship with students whilst challenge behaviour that affect  learning or success at school of the student or their peers.

Responding to Negative Behaviour

Restorative processes are at the very heart of our approach to managing negative behaviour at Ansford. It is key to building relationships and resolving disputes.  The process ensures that the student understands the impact of the negative behaviour on the community and what needs to happen to make it right.

Alongside restorative actions, there are a raft of measures that seek to reduce incidences of negative behaviour.  This includes warnings and formal sanctions including loss of social time, detentions and reports and support plans.  The Behaviour Management Policy provides additional detail on all the measures in place to help ensure the smooth running of the Academy.