The Pastoral Team exists to ensure that students get the most out of school life and to be the best that they can be during their short time in the Academy. The team supports the school’s vision of placing strong relationships at the heart of our community, whilst working with students and families to manage behaviour and conduct and address any attendance issues.

Tutor Team

Students are placed within a year tutor group, that meets each day.  The Tutor plays an important role in the life of a student, liaising with their parents and is the first point of contact for most issues.

Year Group Tutor Group Tutor Room
Year 7 7DSG Mrs Diane Grove and Mrs Jess Ishmael EN5
7OTA Mr Oliver Antoine WS2
7RF Ms Becky Frost and Mrs Claire Swallow WS3
7SMI Ms Sandra Mitchell WS5
Year 8 8CWJ Miss Charlotte Worthy-Jarvis IT1
8MD Mr Matthew Darby EN3
8PHS Mrs Polly Hardy-Stewart EN2
8PLW Mrs Patricia Withers MA5
Year 9 9CH Mr Chris Hill SC3
9JMA Mr Tom Cue and Ms Michelle de Mora SC5
9JNE Mr Josh Newbury DR1
9TP Mrs Thanida Piper and Mr Paul Sandy MA4
Year 10 10AH Miss Alissa Harries and Mr Ben Willson MA2
10KM Mrs Kerri Marshfield and Mrs Becca Wood PA1
10KV Miss Kim Voit WS4
10SRE Mrs Sian Reddick AR1
Year 11 11HK Mr Haydn Kershaw SC1
11LR Mrs Elizabeth Rice and Mrs Lynda Nichols EN4
11NK Mrs Nelly Kasereka WS1
11SAW Miss Sarah Wilson GEN1