During your time at Ansford, you will study many subjects and topics to prepare you as best as possible for the future. Remember – you might be learning now and preparing to do a job in the future that doesn’t even exist yet!

By the end of year 8 you will:

  • Learn how and why you are working in themes

  • Continue to develop the skills you have learnt in year 7

    • how to improve your work

    • how to become a more effective learner

  • Develop your understanding  that intelligence can be grown

  • Complete and present your missions

  • Set and review your individual long term goals in every theme and step subjects

Year 8 Theme 1: Innovation and Inspiration

Aim: for students to understand the importance of innovation and how inspiration from various sources can lead to amazing innovation in all aspects of life.

Learning outcomes:

  • I have learned about some of the key British innovations and innovators including their importance in the Industrial revolution and their importance in the 20th Century

  • I have learned how one key innovation has impacted on many aspects of our current lives (e.g. factories and large scale production

  • I have learned how artwork and music can help make a product successful.

Mission: to create muffins and packaging, along with an advertising campaign to sell a product.

Year 8 Theme 2: Changes for the Modern World

Aim: for students to understand the current world we live in through understanding the changes moving into the modern world e.g. the class system and how society changed at the end of the nineteenth century.

Learning outcomes:

  • I understand how society was not equal before the 20th Century

  • I understand how the class system impacted on opportunities and lifestyle

  • I have learned how inequalities impact on all aspects of live

Mission: to create a performance, showing an understanding of the inequalities that we have learned about and create some of the props for the performance.

Year 8 Theme 3: Our World

Aim: To understand the current world we live in and how inequality is still prevalent in society as well as how diversity enriches our lives.

Learning outcomes:

  • I have learned about the impact of the British Empire and how it helped to shape the Bristol of today

  • I understand the importance of movements such as BLM on a global, national and local scale

  • I understand that inequality still exists

Mission: To research and produce a documentary on an extreme weather event and the impact it had on different groups of people as well as the local area and the bigger impact.