Appeals and Complaints

We hope that you will be happy with your results and that they enable you progress into the next stage of your learning.

For some, this may not be the case, or you may feel that something has gone wrong.


Appeals (Post-Results Services)

There are a number of services available within the post-results services including reviews of results and appeals, and access to scripts. If you would like to make an appeal for one or more of your examinations please speak with your subject teacher to discuss this in the first instance.

Post-Results Services include:

  • Access to scripts (to help you decide if you would like a clerical re-check or review of marking)
  • Clerical re-check (a check of all clerical procedures such as checking marks have been recorded/added up correctly)
  • Review of marking (a check that examiners have marked assessed components correctly)

If you decide that you would like to make an appeal please speak with the Examinations Officer who will give you the appropriate forms and details of the costings involved.

There will be staff available to have these discussion during and after the issuing of results.

Internal Appeals and Complaints and Appeals Procedures

In accordance with our Internal Appeals and Complaints and Appeals Policies, if a candidate has a general concern or complaint about our delivery or administration of a qualification, we encourage them to try to resolve this informally in the first instance by making contact with our Examinations Officer.

If a complaint fails to be resolved informally the candidate is at liberty to make a formal complaint.

See our policy suite page for the Academy policies on Internal Appeals, and Complaints and Appeals procedures.