During your time at Ansford, you will study many subjects and topics to prepare you as best as possible for the future. Remember – you might be learning now and preparing to do a job in the future that doesn’t even exist yet!

By the end of year 7 you will;

  • Learn how and why you are working in themes

  • Know how to improve your work

  • Develop the skills to become a more effective learner

  • Understand that intelligence can be grown

  • Complete and present your missions

  • Set and review your individual long term goals in every theme and step subjects

Year 7 Theme 1: Life as a ……

Aim: for new year 7 students to understand the various new secondary subjects, be aware of key skills and knowledge within and across these subjects and be inspired to understand possible career paths in these subjects.

Learning outcomes:

  • I have been introduced to the new KS3 subjects, skills and terminology and how subjects work together.

  • I understand what key skills I will be learning about and the learning journey and how they tie in to my Ansford learning journey.

  • I am aware of possible future career paths.

Mission: I am an expert in…, showing my skills and knowledge from at least one subject area by improving a piece of work, helping another person improve their work, creating resources to show my experience and to start to consider my future career.

Year 7 Theme 2: Transformation

Aim: for students to understand the power that humans have and the impact they can have on the world through looking at transformation. Students will look at changes over time in each theme subject, exploring how transformation in one area, impacts on others, including how religious practices can be transformative in one’s life, how power or protest can change society, how the ecosystem has changed over time and the impact we have had and are having on it, how we use natural resources to transform our lives and how recycling and upcycling can help halt the impact we are having on ecosystems, how we represent transformation and change in our leisure areas.

Learning outcomes:

  • I know how we have impacted on various aspects of life

  • I understand how transformations in one area can have profound impacts on other areas

  • I understand the importance of an individual and a society

Mission: To prepare a charity event in order to raise money and awareness of that charity and for students to see the impact of their actions.

Year 7 Theme 3: Festivals

Aim: for students to understand the key role that festivals, whether they are religious, cultural or traditions play in our life.

Learning outcomes: 

  • I am aware of some key religious festivals

  • I understand the role that festivals and celebrations have played in British history and why we still celebrate some of these today

  • I understand the economic, cultural and social importance of festivals

Mission: to help to create, organise and then attend a festival at Ansford Academy

For more information on the Year 7 curriculum please click here.