Our cashless catering system in school enables students to pay for meals in school by presenting their fingerprint. The system reduces the loss of money carried by students and gives parents/carers oversight of how their child spends their money on food in school and what they are eating. It also enables a faster food service.

How it works РThe system works by reading a small number of patterns on the fingerprint which is converted into a code and the next time the student’s fingerprint is scanned it simply checks that the same points are in the same places. No fingerprint image is stored and the details cannot be extracted or used for any other purpose.

When are Students Registered? – fingerprints are registered at the beginning of Term 1 where consent has been given. The Academy will contact families in order to seek consent prior to registration.

Student Dinner Money Account – Each student has a catering account which can be topped up via the ‚ÄúSchool Gateway‚ÄĚ online system and selecting the ‚ÄúLunch Money‚ÄĚ payment item¬†within your child‚Äôs account. ¬†If you have not registered for the School Gateway, please go to www.schoolgateway.com . You will need to use the email address and mobile number that we hold on record for the main contact ‚Äúpriority one contact(s)‚ÄĚ in our database. If we do not hold an email address or mobile number for you on our records you will need to provide these to us first. If you need ¬†to check or give us your details please contact reception on 01963 350895.

By logging onto the School Gateway it is possible to view your child’s spending record and to set up email notifications alerting you when your child’s balance falls below an amount of your choosing. The Academy has automatically set a maximum daily spend limit of £5.00 on every account, but if you wish to lower or raise this please complete the appropriate section  in the consent form attached.

Cash Alternative ‚Äď There is a ‚Äėtop up‚Äô terminal in the dining hall into which students can enter cash to top up their account.

Free School Meals РIf your child benefits from Free School Meals, the value of this is added to your child’s account each day.

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