Welcome to our examination pages providing students with essential examination information and guidance for all year groups.

We aim to ensure that all students are as well-prepared for their GCSE examinations as possible.  These pages cover the where, when and how of examinations, and a range of dos and dont’s, which if followed should make the experience of taking non-examination/coursework assessments and examinations as stress-free as possible.

As an approved centre for a number of awarding bodies, we are guided by the rules and regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).  JCQ provide a vast number of resources annually, and those that require the attention of our students (referred to by awarding bodies as candidates) and their parents/carers are provided on these pages.

Leading up to and during any examination is a potentially stressful time and we aim to support and care for students whilst challenging them to be able to reach their academic potential when they ultimately collect their GCSE certificates at the end of Year 11.  We value strong parental engagement and know that students can make a huge difference to their grades by the work, learning and revision they undertake at home whilst supported by parents, carers and families.

Should any parent, carer or student have any concerns about examinations or the examination process, please feel free to contact us.

We encourage our students to learn to lead their lives; and ask of them the commitment, dedication and hard work to strive for the achievement that will take them into their next steps and throughout their lives.