School Buses

The majority of our students arrive at the Academy by buses provided through Somerset Council.  It is also sometimes possible to pay for a place on a bus if you do not qualify for free transport.  For details on qualifying for school transport please click this link.


Students from Castle Cary largely walk to school. A pedestrian crossing is provided along the A371 due to the busy nature of this road.  Families are asked to remind students of the need to use the crossing.


Cycling is not permitted on site and students arriving by cycle should dismount prior to entry.  Cycle racks are located in the main carpark.  The Academy is not liable in any way for any injury or damage caused either on the journey to or from school while riding a bicycle or for damage to the cycle when stored on the premises.

Pick up and drop off locations

Families may drop off at the front of school but should avoid blocking access for coaches. At pick-up time families should use the car park located at Caryford Hall (opposite the Academy).