Essential Equipment

In order to learn well, students will need basic stationery and equipment provided by families.  In order to reduce wasted learning time, and to encourage all students to maintain excellent organisational skills, the following items are required each day:
– Black ball point pens
– A purple pen [used when responding to feedback]
– Pencils
– Ruler
– Eraser
– Pencil sharpener
– Compass
– Protractor
– Compass
– Scientific calculator
– Water bottle [refill stations are available during break and lunchtime]
Students will also need to be mindful of other items which are required for practical lessons such as PE or Food Practicals.

GCSE students will also find it useful to bring the following items to support their learning and exam preparation: revision cards, highlighters, folder with plastic wallets.

These items are also available in school through spending positive rewards points at the end of each half term.

Bus Passes

If your child travels using one of the school buses, they must ensure they have a valid bus pass each day. The drivers reserve the right to not permit students onto the bus if a pass cannot be produced when asked.